“I Wanted It”

While my circumstances were quite different in comparison to this lady’s story of sexual abuse, I related a lot to some of the underlying issues and experiences that she went through in relation to sharing her story of sexual abuse with her family.

There were quite a lot of similarities to what she experienced, for example, I really related a lot to how she wasn’t believed when she shared her story of being sexually abused and how her family wanted to silence her and sweep it under the carpet as if nothing had happened.

While this podcast is about not being believed by your family about your experience of being sexually abused, this podcast really helped me to connect to feelings inside of me that ‘I wanted it’, that the abuse was something that I wanted and it wasn’t that bad because I felt good feelings from it. These are feelings that I have carried around with me all my life this feeling of deep guilt and shame that I wanted it and I must have wanted it because it felt good.

So I wanted to share this podcast because I feel that this lady’s experience and her journey may be highly relatable to those who have been sexually abused, and as it helped me to connect to some of my trauma in relation to being sexually abused, it may also assist you.

What I’m discovering is that this is not God’s Truth, these are feelings that need to be released from the soul, expressed and grieved so that the pain and error can be released and God’s Truth can now exist in your soul, which is the complete opposite to how you feel.

In my experience the way that you release these feelings from your soul is by going through an emotional process where you connect to the pain you carry by holding onto such false beliefs. As you connect to the pain and grieve it, you allow your tears to flow and this is where your tears can heal. You can also connect to God in this process and long to God through your desires for God to connect to you and gift you some of her Love so that God can heal you permanently through removing the error and the untruth from your soul.

I hope that this podcast assist you to access parts of your soul that you may be unaware of just as it has for me. And I hope that it helps you to continue on your journey to healing your sexual abuse permanently.

I believe that the feeling of ‘I wanted it’ that a person who has been sexually abused feels is one of the many layers that would need to be felt and released from the soul in order to completely healed sexual abuse trauma.

Love Thay X

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