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As there is very little information on how to completely heal sexual abuse trauma, this is a space dedicated to sharing information and uncovering the Truth about the soul based causes and effects of childhood sexual abuse through exploring a personal relationship with God (from a non religious perspective) and engaging an emotional healing processes of feeling and releasing emotional trauma from the soul.

We aim to extend into other issues that affect children such as physical, psychological and emotional abuse.

Many people often associate God with religion, however we want to share with the world that God has nothing to do with religion and does not belong to or authorise any one religion on earth. Anyone can have a relationship with God without needing a place of worship or religion to belong to.

God is our Loving Parent who has a deep love and care for everyone on earth and wants to assist us in our healing journey. We want to share with others the Truth about God, the Truth about healing, and the Truth about God’s healing Love that is available to all of humanity right now.

Whether you desire to have a personal relationship with God or not, God has provided two ways for us to heal our emotional trauma. The first way is God’s Way, the Divine Love Path. The second way is human’s way, the Natural Love Path. The first way is the fastest because it involves God. The second way doesn’t involve God and is a longer process.

The beautiful truth about God is that God will never force you to do something you don’t wish to do, God will never force you to have a relationship with God. The choice is completely up to you and whichever way you choose to embark on your journey of healing and whether you are a victim or perpetrator of sexual abuse, God loves you and wants you to heal and will always be there waiting patiently.

Here you can discover useful information and as many tools that may assist you to become emotionally aware of the trauma that exists inside of you and how to take personal responsibility for your emotional healing journey from sexual abuse trauma with or without God.

Everything we have learned about God and healing emotional trauma is through our investigation of Divine Truth teachings which is a belief system that shares principles on how you can grow to heal and develop a relationship with God. This website is not officially endorsed by Alan John Miller or Mary Luck who teach Divine Truth.

Everything we share on this website about our personal experience with healing sexual abuse will be based off the results we have measured through our experimentation with a relationship with God that we want to share with you.

However, please note that any information posted on this site is subject to our own interpretations and understanding of Truth or facts of life and is based on our current condition of love and maybe subject to error in which when identified we will always do our best to correct.

Who are we?

Thalia Skopellos

Thalia’s background includes music, filmmaking, storytelling and youth work. She is the creator and moderator of the information on this website. She is also the Founder of Soulset Studios and Beyond Summerland Entertainment.

If you would like to know more about her on a personal level, you can visit her Into My Soul blog, or you can check out any of her other platforms that she currently creates content for such as Ellatronix & Thaylia for her professional work.

How to Heal Sexual Abuse?

It takes only one person to break the cycle of abuse.

Healing child sexual abuse trauma is a 100% emotional process. While it is a very complex process it is possible to completely heal all sexual abuse trauma through addressing the cause of the abuse.

Healing sexual abuse is a complex process because by the time we are ready to face the truth of what happened to us we have possibly years of emotional suppression to work through before we can get to the cause.

This emotional suppression of our pain has probably meant that most likely we have inflicted all sorts of damaging and destructive behaviours towards ourselves and other people.

These damaging behaviours can vary from person to person but ultimately become a part of the effects of our unhealed trauma that cover over the original cause.

It will be our responsibility to feel and heal everything and God is willing to help us to do that or you can choose to heal it without God.

“It’s Not Your Fault”

‘The key is for victims of any type of abuse is to feel the results of the abuse without attributing the blame of the abuse to yourself. The desire to attribute the blame to yourself will stop you from actually processing your emotion.’ AJ Miller (Jesus)

One of the biggest blocks to healing sexual abuse is when sexual abuse victims feel they feel they are to blame. In order to heal sexual abuse this is one of the beliefs we must give up and come to recognise and feel in our soul that it isn’t the Truth.

This is usually because of the projections of the abuser and those who are associated with the abusers. Please remember that it is NEVER the fault of the victim who is sexually abused.

Here are some causes as to why a victim of sexual abuse might blame themselves:

  1. To avoid further attack from their abusers or others who are associated with their abusers
  2. To avoid feeling underlying grief they have about being abused.

In the case of being sexually abused one of the main reasons why victims blame themselves is –

  1. To avoid feeling and releasing the SHAME that the abuser has projected onto them – ‘that it’s their fault’.

Understanding Soul Based Causes & Effects of Sexual Abuse

‘True justice is about reclaiming what you lost not about making others lose the same thing you lost.’ Alan John Miller (Jesus)

In order to fully heal sexual abuse trauma there are a number of important subjects to learn about and come to understand. It is impossible to heal trauma without fully understanding why and how it exists. When we understand why and how something is broken it is only then we are able to fix it. These are just a few of the many subjects we need to start with understanding.

The Human Soul

There is very little understanding on earth about the human soul and how it operates. In order to fully heal any emotional trauma and its causes it is important to understand the human soul as this will help you to come to understand yourself, how you were made and how you function so that you can learn how to heal yourself.

Cause & Effects

Most support services on earth are mostly focused on addressing the effects of emotional trauma however, it is impossible to fully heal emotional trauma without addressing the cause of it.

Here we explore some of the common effects of sexual abuse and the causes related to those effects.

Forgiveness & Repentance

Forgiveness and repentance are terms mostly associated with religion, however these terms have very little to do with religion. Learn about why and how forgiveness must be engaged by victims of sexual abuse and repentance must be engaged by perpetrators of sexual abuse in order for sexual abuse and sexual trauma to be healed on the earth.

Education in Love

In order to fully heal sexual abuse trauma and any kind of emotional trauma we must begin our education in love from our True Parent and the ultimate Creator of Love – God.



Sexual abuse victims are often conditioned to believe many distorted viewpoints about love. There is also very little understanding on earth about the Absolute Truth about Love from God’s perspective. If we want to understand what true love is we must be willing to give up the worlds definition of what love is and be willing to be taught about Love by the person who created Love, God.

Relationship with God

When it comes to Absolute Truth about our physical world and existence we are much more accepting of such Truths as facts. When it comes to Absolute Truths about our spiritual and emotional existence we are much more resistive to the idea that the Absolute Truth exists regarding our spiritual and emotional welfare. In order to heal our emotional trauma we must be open to the idea that Absolute Truth exists so that we can begin the steps to healing our emotional trauma. We must learn directly from God.

Emotions & Feelings

In order to heal any emotional trauma we must be willing to feel every single emotion inside of us whether it be painful or pleasurable. This is what it means to have humility, to go through a process of becoming the emotional, sensitive being you were created to be. To do this we must educate ourselves about emotions and how to feel them.

Causes VS Effects

‘True justice is about reclaiming what you lost not about making others lose the same thing you lost.’ Alan John Miller (Jesus)

Cause of Sexual Abuse

Intergenerational – Unhealed and unfelt emotional trauma passed down from generation to generation from parent to child.

If a parent has experienced sexual abuse in their childhood or life, and does not heal it, this trauma remains as locked up emotions in their soul and is passed on through a process of absorption from parent to child from the moment of conception.

This trauma when it enters the child’s soul from the parent’s unhealed emotions about sexual abuse, leaves the child unprotected and vulnerable to attracting abuse by peadophiles.

This unhealed trauma can create a lot of negative effects that attract a similar situations and events from generation to generation.

It is important to note that in order for a child to be protected from sexual abuse the parent must heal their sexual abuse trauma.

Effects of Sexual Abuse

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Spirit Influence


Mental Health Issues





Terror Dreams

Confusion of Sexuality

Self Harm



Sexual Promiscuity

Relationship Issues

Lack of Sexual Desire

Lack of Trust

Violent Outbursts

Feeling you are to blame

Feeling VS Thinking Your Way to Healing

Feeling (Soul)

God Reliant

Quicker Process

Emotional Process

Permanent Fix


Unforced happy emotions

True soul change

Seeks internal happiness

Uncontrolled and expressive

You use your soul to feel all of your painful emotions so they can release from your soul naturally.

Thinking (Mind)

Self Reliant

Longer Process

Intellectual process

Quick Fix

Adult Like

Forced happy emotions

No true change

Seeks external happiness

Controlled and unexpressive

You use your mind to convince yourself that you are healed using false positive thoughts and practices.

It is Your

Self-Responsibility to Heal

It takes only one person from a generation to break the cycle of abuse.


For victims of sexual abuse, although what happened to you is not your fault, it is now your responsibility to heal as no one else can do it for you. If you want to change your life you must desire it with all your heart and take action.


For perpetrators of sexual abuse, while there needs to be loving restriction placed on those that harm others, your soul is redeemable through love and you can heal. If you want to change your life you must desire it with all your heart and take action and begin the process of repentance


With the aim of helping as many people as possible we have a desire to create a website and other resources such as podcasts and documentary/s that contain the Truth on how to heal the causes of sexual abuse.

If you are someone that has healed sexual abuse or is in the process of healing based on God’s Way of healing, here’s how you may contribute:

  • Further insights or suggestions on what information/resources/services we can add to this website that may help others
  • Join us on our podcast
  • If you are an artist and have any artwork that can be donated to the website to make it pretty

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